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Let me make you an offer you can't refuse... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Let me make you an offer you can't refuse...

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happy happy birthday sh!!!!!! [Jun. 29th, 2006|07:04 am]
Let me make you an offer you can't refuse...

sorry i am late! there is more i want to do!!!! but for now.... happy birthday sh!!!! here are some pictures of santa monica beach!

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random sh! birthday memories:

the first year i met sh!, she needed a place to stay for the summer, and thus we became temporary roomies!!! one sunny day in june, sh! seemed like her usual self.... there seemed to be an increase of phone calls for her that day and she baked a german chocolate cake, which she said she made just because. and then i noticed a letter from her friend elaina, which looked very much like a card and had "happy birthday!" written on the outside. could today be sh!'s birthday??? and she is politely hiding this secret from me??????? nooooooo!!!!!!! going through the kitchen, i still had my microwave hello kitty cake mix, and thus i threw together a last minute cake, while singing "happy birthday" by mr. time of LEGENDDDDD himself, ryuichi kawamura. i still have that cake mold in my cupboard ^^ don't try hiding your birthday again from us, sh!!!!!

the following year, a group of us decided to pool together as many of sh!'s friends as possible to get her a ps2 as an early birthday present (before the end of the school year). of course, we wanted to use the element of surprise! early practice for us ninjas a few years earlier, i suppose... while waiting outside her dorm entrance, we lit the cake and waited. a group of girls passed by, noticed the cake, and LOUDLY exclaimed, "oh! a cake for me?! is it my birthday?!" and right behind them was sh!.... NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! our birthday surprise completely ruined by stupid valley girls!!!!!! and so, we jumped in front of sh!, and she did not hear those girls screaming?????? is it true??????????????????

every birthday for the gao has been a special memory!! happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! one day, we will ride together again! *vroom vroom*
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Sh-Song [Jun. 28th, 2006|11:28 pm]
Let me make you an offer you can't refuse...

Hey shirong

Seeing as how i'm broke and have of little time i decided to make this for you. It's kinda like the "birthday song" But... a bit more specific. Anyways, yeah hope you like it.

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(no subject) [Jun. 28th, 2006|10:02 am]
Let me make you an offer you can't refuse...

Dearest Shirong,
Do you feel.... like you are missing something?
Perhaps something you've forgotten, left, dropped?
Nothing much - just some birthday wishes.
Have a happy birthday Shirong!
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Happy birthday, shirong! [Jun. 28th, 2006|01:52 am]
Let me make you an offer you can't refuse...

Gift for you.

Happy birthday!
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'holla 'holla! [Jun. 28th, 2006|01:07 am]
Let me make you an offer you can't refuse...


I hope I did you proud with this one -- yes, made JUST FOR YOU:


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fic- "Second Coming" [Jun. 27th, 2006|12:56 pm]
Let me make you an offer you can't refuse...

[mood |amusedamused]


She made me believe.Collapse )

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AUGH [Jun. 26th, 2006|11:12 pm]
Let me make you an offer you can't refuse...

edit: I did it again. F**K.

Well, fuck. I just posted to my own lj about this comm. Haha, so stupid! Argh. Well dont make the same mistake as me, friends. Be sure to post to the comm, not your personal lj.

Anyway, here's the post:

So the deadline, friends, is coming up. Originally I wanted to call her on the 27th here because it would be her bday there, but I don't think that's happening. So the new deadline: please try to have your thing posted by or on the day of her birthday, June 28th, california time. And, uh, friendslock your entries, I'll unlock them later.
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Upcoming for the GAO! [May. 23rd, 2006|08:47 pm]
Let me make you an offer you can't refuse...

So the point of this journal is to host & post things for Shirong for her birthday, which is June 28th. You can post anything: a story, poem, icon, fics, letter, praise, art, drawings, etc, as long as

1) it's related to Shirong or birthdays in general, or
2) You know that Shirong will like it.

Please keep your posts friendslocked just in case she discovers this. ^_^
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